50 Pounds and Drunk Athletes

11 06 2010

This morning I stepped on the scale to discover that the hemp hearts, on top of everything else, had broken my plateau.  YAY!

Also, as of today, I have lost 50 pounds since 2006, and 21 of those pounds were since March of this year.  So if you’re once of those people who saw me at BlogHer or Avitaween – I was stuck at 191 ish then, but I used to weigh 220.  Now I’m at 170.  30 pounds to go!  Maybe more!

50 pounds.

I am so proud.  I know it’s been a long, long journey, but I feel like now I’ve got everything going right – the food, the activity, the attitude.

Nothing can stop me from knocking off the next 30 pounds to get to my goal weight.  Except beer.  That might slow me down a bit over the summer.  Heh.

My husband called me yesterday and asked me if I’d like to do a triathlon with him.  He’s recently started biking at night and considering how hard he works physically (10 hour days, in all kinds of weather), I’m impressed that he has decided to get on this fitness kick with me.  He’s always been in pretty good shape, save for a bit of a beer belly and he plays hockey and baseball. It’s nice to see him getting out there to work off the beer!  =)

Anyway.  A triathlon.  Eep!

I’ve thought about it but never really researched any of it and so after googling and reading and asking friends to chime in, I discovered there’s a lot involved with a triathlon.

Like wearing a swimsuit for instance.  Oh sweet baby Jebuddah, really?  Alternately, you can rent/buy a wetsuit and wear that over your cycling/running clothes.  Okay.  Maybe that will be okay.

Then there’s docking  your bike at a ‘transition station’ while you’re swimming.  And being expected to ‘ride wet’ (unless you wear a wetsuit and peel it off before you ride).  Apparently that isn’t as uncomfortable as you might think.  Certainly more comfortable than all the ‘air quotes’ I’m using in this ‘post.’

I have so many questions before I commit to the “Tri a tri” we’re considering.  I’m not sure I’m ready for a full triathlon just yet.  The Tri a tri is a 375 swim, 10 k bike ride and then a 2.5km run.  I think I can handle that.  But the logistics are throwing me into a tizzy.

So let’s say I rent a wetsuit (or buy one).  I get out of the lake, peel it off and put it where?  A backpack? And where are my runners?  Cuz I will need those for riding and running.  And if I have to carry a backpack for the last two parts, won’t that suck royally?

Oh and there are all these things that can get you disqualified, like not passing cyclists fast enough – you have 15 seconds.  Or undoing the strap on your helmet before docking your bike or not having your helmet strap on before taking your bike too.  Safety first people.

I’m a little less worried about these rules than I am about getting kicked in my pretty face during the swim.  Really the swim is the most daunting.  Because of my pretty face and all.  Does anything else really matter?  I’m a strong swimmer, but like driving at night, I’m worried about the other people who could possibly be drunk.  Or something.  Because you see a lot of drunks at a triathlon.

This summer is going to take some serious training if I sign up for this ridiculousness.  Which I probably will because I’m certifiably insane.  Maybe I should sign up and just show up drunk.

Psst.  Do me a favour.  A little one.  Go tell @temptingmama she should do it with me.  She loves when I annoy her in such sneaky ways.


So My Very Best Friends Think I’m Crazy *Now with an Update!*

6 06 2010

And maybe they are right.  I try very hard to fit exercise in every day.  This past weekend I was invited to a girl’s weekend at one of my best friends’ trailer and nearly all of my very best friends were there.  Friday morning I had to pack and finish laundry but knowing I’d be drinking beer all weekend, I wanted to ensure I got a solid workout before I went.

I set out on my bike and decided I would set a goal of creating a best time for the 7.7 km loop by my house.  Now I’m not fast at running or cycling by any means, but I do know that every time I go out, I try to beat my last time.

So I biked like hell, despite my bird feeling numb and sore about 15 minutes in.  I knew it was the result of the 17.38 km cycle from the other day, so I persevered, determined to do the route in less than 24 minutes.

And I did: 22:56.

I drove to the trailer, stopping along the way to visit another friend I hadn’t seen in about a year.  Once at the trailer (4 hours later!), we were soon into the beers and the girls were really forthcoming in telling me how much my hard work is paying off.  I don’t like talking about it and so I find it hard to just say thank you without getting really uncomfortable and stuff. I need to get better at that.

We played poker and the snacks were there but I didn’t touch anything but my drinks.  One of the girls told me the next day how astounded she was at my willpower to not touch any of it.  I dunno.  Beers have tons of calories and I’m sure I drank way more than I should have but these weekends are only every few months and it’s been at least that long since I let loose.

no makeup FTW!

You gotta live.

We had a really fun night and crashed hard.  The next morning we sat around a little over coffee, tea and breakfast and I felt restless.  I’m used to having some exercise-y crap planned and I was bursting with energy to do something.  We walked around the nearby zoo/park thing and then went into town for dinner groceries and snacks galore.  When we got back everyone wanted to snack for a bit from about 2:30 but I wasn’t at all hungry so I quietly changed into my running clothes and asked if anyone wanted to come.  I didn’t want to call attention to myself but I didn’t want to just run off either so it was another uncomfortable moment (for me, not them I think) but in the end I think everyone was cool with me doing my own thing.

The place where we were at was very hilly.  VERY. VERY. HILLY.

The hills were flipping huge.  Look:

Yeah.  I ran using the EI10K (Ease into 10 Km), feeling powerful as I conquered hill after hill and then feeling the rush of a quicker downhill run as I crept to the top and ran fast down.  I felt so free and there was no one around – just me, my iphone and nature.  Oh and a pink toilet at the side of the road.  Yanno, just in case.

I ran about 6 km, maybe 6.5 – I wasn’t tracking distance because I wanted the prompts of the EI10K computer dude so I’d know my time – somehow the computer dude telling me I have 5 or 2 or 1 minute to go keeps me going strong.

When I returned, one of the girls snapped a picture and I thought that maybe now is a good a time as any to share my progress from March 2010 to now. These were from yesterday:

I should have stood up straighter maybe!  Mah boobies are disappearing.

i have a waist now!

mah butt is disappearing!

The pants I’m wearing in the before picture (below) don’t fit anymore – I’m in a medium pant now – about a 10-12 from a 14-16 or XL.  My weight has gone from 191 to 172 since the end of March (11 weeks ago) and I can see some big differences and other times I still see that fat chick.  It’s kinda freaking me out.

And now for the horrid before pictures:

UPDATE: I found a picture of me at 220 pounds (my heaviest) back in 2006:


Then there’s this from 11 weeks ago – 191 pounds.


Before: sad indeed.

And to compare that same purple shirt from above – the before – when that shirt was hugging me tight and I was busting out of my size 14 jeans – hello, back fat:

It's so nice to know those jeans no longer fit! And I'm wearing a Yummie Tummie under that shirt - so it's not really accurate cuz some rolls are sucked in by that. (p.s. my yummie tummies are too big now.)

Okay so maybe my hard work is paying off.  A lot.

There are times when I wake up and feel totally fat.  I try really hard not to compare myself to others but sometimes it’s hard to remind your silly brain to cut it out.

In order to avoid comparing myself to others, I try to compare my abilities to what they were a month ago, 2 months ago, and when I began all this: a mere 11 weeks ago.

Today I can run up to 8 km without feeling like I’m going to die.  11 weeks ago I could run 3 minutes and couldn’t catch my breath enough to talk to my running partner.

Today I am considering becoming a Zumba instructor.  11 weeks ago I hadn’t heard of Zumba.

Today I am LOVING my life.

Today I am better, faster and stronger than 11 weeks ago.  11 weeks from now I will be better, faster and stronger still.  And that, my friends, is pretty damn exciting.

My oldest & I after our 8km road race

Working the Numbers

2 06 2010

On LoseIt, you can see the nutritional information for your day or week, and that includes the percentages of protein, fats and carbs.  For a while I’ve been playing around with my diet to see how I lose the most amount of weight the fastest.

For me (and this may not work for everyone), I find that the ratio of approx 28% protein, 48% carbs and 24% fat (or as close to that as possible) works best for me.  Especially when I get 80-105 grams of healthy protein in per day.  This means lean turkey, lean cheese, chicken, and Genuine Health Transform + drink (one a day, made with water, after workouts).  If I stick to this, I lose about a pound a day.  It’s truly a breakthrough for me and very exciting because for months I’d make a healthy smoothie and the sugar in all that fruit was not helping my cause – until I added whey protein to the drink.

What else I’m learning is that if I don’t like a class or an exercise, I don’t stick to it.  If I’m not happy doing it, I won’t keep it up.  I tried a step class a few weeks ago and hated it.  I felt uncoordinated, out of place, and I fell on my butt by tripping over the friggin’ step.  Now I’ve never been the most coordinated person, even as a kid, but Zumba suits me way better since there’s nothing to trip over.

As for running, lately it’s been way too hot to do it.  The 8k I did a couple of weeks ago?  Yeah.  80-90 degree heat + humidity.  A guy collapsed, many were puking, it was stupid.  I felt great after, but super tired.  I had my Transform+ and bunch of water when we got home and crashed into a hard nap – probably the best nap I’ve ever had, where I dreamt of The Cheesecake Factory the entire nap.  Ha.

I’ve really been enjoying my bike lately.  Even if it’s hot, it’s enjoyable to make your own breeze!  Yesterday I tried really hard to beat my husband’s time of 24 km in an hour, but I only got to 17km in that time.  The first 7 km were against really strong winds and I felt like I was going in slow motion.  It was a great workout.  I’m still getting used to the seat so my nether regions won’t go numb after a half hour so there’s that.  And yes, I bought a gel seat cover – but by the time I get to an hour, I can’t wait to get off the bike and return bloodflow to my bird.

Today’s weight: 172.  48 pounds gone.  Woot!  I haven’t been in the 160’s in YEARS and can’t wait to get there.

Sometimes I Surprise Myself

31 05 2010

As you know from the last entry, I was feeling rather upset about the lack of weight loss in the last 2 weeks.  This past weekend, my family and I were invited up to the cottage belonging to close friends of ours.  I decided I would try to run at least once while we were up there, and otherwise to relax and enjoy the food, wine, beer, and sunshine.  Next week I’ll get back on track, I thought.

Well, we had a fantastic time.  I ate sensibly, didn’t really count on LoseIt on Friday at all.  Saturday morning I got up and ran before eating, hoping to boost some fat loss – I read somewhere if you can manage to walk or run before breakfast (most days I can’t because I’m getting my kids off to school and it’s a good 90 minutes between wake up and workout).  I ran 6.5km using the EI10K (Ease Into 10k) app on my phone.  I brought the dog with me because we were in bear country and even though she’d be useless with a bear around, I felt better.  Boy does running in bear country make a huge difference in your heart rate.  My imagination is a wild one and I had visions of a freakin’ bear coming out of the woods and what a great meal my fat ass would make.

I tracked food on Saturday, and even with 3 beers, I was below the line!  Groovy.

Sunday was the day we came home so 4-5 hours in the car + sunburn + two nights of not-great sleeping – my plans to work out when I got home were gone.  We ate a healthy dinner and again I was in check for food.

This morning I stepped on the scale and had gone from 176.5 on Friday morning to 174.  I was absolutely pumped to get going on this journey again so I got to the gym early, lifted weights for my upper body like Britt and Lisa suggested, and then did my favorite class: Zumba!

If you’ve never done Zumba, I guarantee you will love it.  It’s latin dancing/exercise and it is a solid hour of fun.  It’s like a dance party in the gym.  Our instructor is awesome and full of energy – she really makes the class.  This morning another trainer was in there watching and she said she was looking to recruit someone to be a second teacher.  The class is always at full capacity so I’m glad they are adding another class.  Woo!

I’m always looking for more things to try to keep me exercising and this is definitely my favorite – well, this and ball hockey. And running.  And biking.  I’m going to try Newbody and Awesome Abs tomorrow – hopefully they are a good workout!